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Modular construction refers to construction methodology where the modules are manufactured and finished (or partially finished) in a factory off-site and then transported to the site and assembled and finished to construct the final construction.


  • Smart Box Modules are constructed with ISO Marine Containers of two sizes 20 ft (l x w x h - 20’ x 8’ x 8’) and 40 ft  (40’ x 8’ x 9.6’) High Cube.

  • Each container is designed to carry up to 30 tons cargo.

  • Each container module has been designed to stack up to 7 storeys high during transportation by Sea.

  • Each container module is designed to handle more dynamic and static loading than conventional construction materials. 

Modular Construction benefits:

Environmentally Friendly

  • Minimum foundation required thereby leaving minimal footprint when removed. A better “Greenfield” solution.

  • Cleaner workspace

Time savings

  • Foundations and modules can be made simultaneously thereby, significantly cutting down the construction times.

  • The modules are fabricated off-site at Smart Box factory, allowing faster construction time.

Higher Quality

  •  Construction of the modules are as per Smart Box quality standards, therefore, under factory production conditions, the modules are quality checked to ensure higher quality standards.


  • Modules can be dressed with cladding and roofing to create a more appealing aesthetic feel to the units.

  • Standard construction exterior finishes can be applied to the modules to create a wide range of customised finishes.


  • Modular Construction is like playing with LEGO™. With each module of standard specifications - 20 ft or 40 ft, one can configure the blocks in any imaginable configuration.

  • Scaling up when extra space is required is a quick process when working with SMART modules.

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Smart Box is a part of the IAL Group of Companies, specialising in Global Supply Chain Logistics, thereby, allowing Smart Box to procure, manufacture and transport its Modular units to a world-wide audience.

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